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people counter-Finished

It tells you the number of people who entered/left your room based on IR


I'm using an IR LED an IR sensor and an 8 digits screen to show the number of people. When you go throughlaser the sensor sends a 1 signal to the screen. 

the receiver

this is the receiver it should be stiked on the side of the door.The green button is the ON switch the orange is the OFF switch .The purple button in the top left corner is the sound on/off switch and the two purple buttons left are for activating and desactivating the device.

this is the laser sensor on the side of the device!!


It's working !!!

for the emitter any laser or LED or IR LED with a on/off switch will do the job.just make sur that the ray reaches the sensor.

to make one you will need:

  • a calculator.
  • some buttons.like these for example:

  • a normal/IR LED or a laser.
  • IR sensor/small solar panel.
  • some wires.

first take appart the calculator leaving only the button connectons sheet and the screen.Next,find the "=" button connecion and solder the solar panel's wires on the two sides and make sur they are isolated.Then find the "+" and the "1" connections and put two buttons on them for my case the two purple buttons in the bottom.put two other buttons on the on and off connections. you can addother stuff,I added a bip sound you can link an oscillator followed by a speaker and you will get an alarm or add a buzzer.

now every time you click the purple"1" button folowed by the "+" button then activate you laser you calculator's screen will count every person walking through your door.

Thank you for coming by!!!