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PIC xxM and PICAXExxM Series the same?

 I have been thinking of selling PIC series stuff at local Hamfests. I have seen some chips on Ebuy and are labeled PIC 08M,14M and 20M. I googled each and got a schematic for the PIC 08M easily but can only come up with PICAXE series for the PIC14 and 20M. Does PIC and PICAXE use the same software? Basic Stamp is pricy but much easier for me. I have downloaded the PICAXE manual. For me electronics is no problem.


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Those chips labelled "PIC 08M" etc are almost certainly PICAXE micros - there is no such thing as a PIC 08M, 14M or 20M.

PICAXE micros are PIC micros with a bootloader pre-installed. PICs of the appropriate model can be made into PICAXE chips by flashing the bootloader into the program memory. PICs can be programmed in many different languages, whilst PICAXE micros are almost always programming in BASIC.

PICs typically require a programmer to download code into the program memory, unlike PICAXE micros which have an interface built into the bootloader which allows you to download programs via a simplified serial interface (from serial port or USB 'directly').