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Hey guys,


I was planning on getting the Picaxe book (seems pretty offcial) on TechSupplies;

Anyone already have it or does anyone actually recommend it?



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 I'll order it then, no problem.

Thanks anyways!

Fristl, if you've mastered it or don't find it useful around anymore, would you be willing to sell it to me?

 Please!  :D

Sorry, no - I use it for reference, it has some basic electronics-lookup-tables in it that I use every now & then ;/

I absolutely love it! Not the kind to read from cover to cover, but great to have around for quick reference. The PDFs that are provided are great, but not in very good order, and a lot of details are lost in the pages.

Only one gripe with this book is that the index wasn't updated when the book was, so some of the index pages don't work quite right...

I have it, would recommend it.. but it is like 10% outdated!! Old book, does NOT cover all the latest commands etc, could lead you astray!

So.. hmm.. well..  a 10% wrong / incorrect book.. on top of that it has some quite annoying errors with it's own index, but one can live with that.

I'd say; If you are completely blank, it is a brilliant book. It tought me stuff like what on earth is going on, chips talking to each other and that kind.

 If you want to expand your existing Picaxe knowledge, it's crap because it's outdated.


It has some nice electronics sections in it as well, components-types listed etc.

This is one fault I have found, their information is woefull. Quit often I'll read about a command like pulsin for example and find that it doesn't tell me nearly enough about it. For example does everything else stop while pulsin is measuring a signal. If it doesn't and your next command works with the value returned then your next command will end up using incorrect values if the pulse is too long. If the program halts till a result is returned then measuring long pulses will slow the execution of the program.

This is one of many reasons why I want to program these chips in assembly.

How did you work out that there were commands that were not included in the book? are, for example, the PDF files more up to date?


That would strongly depend on which PDF files you are referring to!

In general, the online Picaxe info is up to date.

The book was written many years ago!