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Possibility to be used for a wifi bot?

I needed to clear out some space and I found a lexmark-z1320 wireless printer, as usual I was going to strip it of all the electronic bits to keep for a later project. 

But there is one bit that interest me a lot more that all the other ones, the wifi card, normally I woudlnr even consider trying to use it, but this one is different, it isn't built in to the main board, it is a separate box to the side connected to the main board via a few cables. 

I was wondering if it is any use keeping it? I mean could I use it to control a robot, kinda like a router? 

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Short answer is yes, you can most likely use it.
If you can get an ID number off the WiFi module you'll hopefully be able to find a product datasheet, and from there it should be fairly easy. Without a datasheet you'd either have to determine the pin layout and communications protocol yourself, or find someone else on the net who's already done the same thing, which is likely to be a lot harder.

Well there are quite a few numbers and letter combinations on the thing but the only one that gives any results is "Lex-M01-00", but it seems there are no datasheet on it :( And there doesnt seem to be anybody elts who has used one of these. I'm think determining the pin layout and communications protocol myself is way to difficult for me so...
While I don't mean to be discouraging, reverse engineering a 'black box' chip can be very daunting... probably not worth the time and frustration.
Don't worry about it! It kinda felt like one of those "too good to be true" moments anyway.