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Props to the Arduino

I found this article and thought all of you Arduino guys would appreciate it...

I have to say though I give props to both the Arduino guys and the picaxe guys as they have given us this great tech thats easy to use. I think articles like this help to inspire us when we may not be totally "feeling it"...which happens to me on occasion..

Btw, props to parallax as well, and all the other companies I didn't mention who have given us the chance to make a diff in the world...one robot at a time  :)


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Haha @ "props to parallax"
I started with the parallax kits, the wam, boebot and have a couple different procs. I think they have a great product though expensive and have a great set of books to go along with their products. I use their books as reference material and go back to them often, even though I use different procs now. Their info on communitication with other chips is seriously invaluable.

I was thinking more like, since Parallax makes the Propeller, "props to parallax" is funny. In my mind I heard a rimshot when I read it.

I have no problems with Parallax at all. The kits are slick and time proven, same story with the Basic Stamp. The PING))) is a very handy, very simple to use device. And the Propeller needs to come in a "Bad Mother F*ck*r" wallet. I quite like Parallax and most of their stuff.