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Question for Oss, Hoff, or someone with a 3D Printer

Alright, got my parts in for the Kossel, ran into a snag.

I don't suppose you think I could do something like this to fix it...

Basically, the idea was to cut out where the end effector was preventing the head from sitting in a place proper.  This would allow the fan and hotend holder to attach correctly.  Then, I'd attempt to drill out and tap the brass plug at the end of the hotend, with hopes the provided brass filament guide would screw in place and I could salvage the whole mess.


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looks like you got a jump on me in the race to kossel heaven. good luck. but yes the fitting threads into the effector plate and the j head mounts under it with the printed bracket.

I'm wishing you went first, hehe.  I'll document everything I can.

I'm not sure the Kossel setup uses the aluminum bracket. Looks like it uses the printed bracket underneath the effector to hold hot end in place.

I'm still so confused.  I simply don't see a way to get my current J-Head to work without drilling a bigger hole through the effector.  Or, maybe design a wood brace to offset (1/2 inch) the brass filament guide sticking out of the J-Head, allowing it to bolt "neatly" to the effector while still allowing the pneufit guide to screw into the effector.  I don't know.  Brain hurts.

Check the bracket on page 137


nice build guide.


lots of pictures, if you scroll down a bit you can see a bracket



Looks pretty good I thought.

Looks good.  I just gotta figure out how to get one, then get a bigger pneufit to fit in the end of my current J-head.

Your first link is not linking, so I am having a hard time understanding your problem. Which hot end did you buy?

I bought this J-head.  It states it is a MK V, but doesn't have the pneufit connector.

looks like you tap[add threads to effector] and hang, bolt jhead to the bottom of effector.

Did you get this bracket?

from here


looks like that bolts jhead to bottom of effector