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Questions on Extruder (delta 3d printer)

Hi LMRians!

My uncle and I are working on a 3d printer with delta mechanism! We have some questions about the extruder!

The speed (or power) of pushing the filament to the hot end? how much should it be? how it can be calculated?

We are looking for some cheap methods of extruder design! What do you recommend? because we no do not have access to any 3dprinter to use extruders on net! We have bought the hot-end of felix 3dprinter (with the stepper, thermistor and heater)

delta mechanism 3d printer

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I built a Prusa, instead of a Rostock (delta) printer.

However, some of the ideas may help you.

For instance, the extruders are very similar; mainly just a difference in mounting.

My original 3D printer is here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/35809

My first design for the print-head (hot end) did not work well, so I made a different design.

That one can be seen here:  http://letsmakerobots.com/node/37011


but may i suggest you start with a working printer rostock or prusa i2 learn the inner working once you  understand that strip it down and build your own design!.

"We are looking for some cheap methods of extruder design!" doesn't exist, conjours up  hours of design redesign to the final conclusion tht i should have gone with a off the shelf  bowdon setup http://reprap.org/wiki/Rostock.

"The speed of pushing the filament to the hot end?" the extruders gears and setting in firmware decides.  http://reprap.org/wiki/RAMPS_1.4 a lot off us here use the ramps. 

http://calculator.josefprusa.cz/ " not sure if it any help "

the vitamins  " nuts and bolts " for the prusa and the rostock should be easy enough to source from any good hardware store

for the plastic parts, one off us should be able to print  a set off plastic parts for the cost of  filament.

what ever happened to the link for the felix hotend... what I seen off gonna be a challenge to mount it on a delta. it  sur eas hell doesn't appear to be bowden freindly. go look for a j head mkv and not a clone.