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Remote 3 Axis Camera Head with motion control

I`ve been wanting to build a mid size remote controlled camera head that has 3 axis and can be computer controlled and repeat its motion. I have a few RC helicopters that we build very basic 2 axis heads on, that work with servos and have a gyro to keep level.

The idea would be for it to rotate at about 300 degrees per second and to be able to feater in and out the motin for it to be smooth. I would also like to try to put some gyros on it, to stabilize it if it is free swinging on the back of a car or helicopter.

So I don`t know if this is the right forum or site to find people that are interested in starting a project like this. I have very limited electronic and mechanical knowledge. Just started building a 2 seater airplane out of sheet metal in the garage, so I am learning a lot.

This would be good for controlling camera shots, robotic heads, telescopes, remote paintball guns,...



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A number of challenges are present here including acceleromter based stabilization, data telemetry, mechanical engineering.

Choose a suitable wireless technology such as RF, zigbee, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc. 

You will probably want to get a breakout board for an accelerometer from somewhere like pololu.com or sparkfun.com and use it as an input to a microcontroller.  You might want to use a arduino board (has a microcontroller) or other development board to receive wireless data and accelerometer data and control the servomotors.

FYI I didn't find it clear what information you are seeking in your post.