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Remote Control Universal PSXBee

Control any device or robot microcontroller through the serial port using an XBee radio module series 1.

With this remote control no longer each time I have to think which is the system that I have to build my new robot control. Only I have to put a XBee in the new robot and ready ... simple, cheap and effective. :-)

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As I said before you moved this over to “Something else”
This is very interesting and I would love to get more information like pictures inside the hack and possible any schematics and code.
Great stuff!

I too would like some more information on the remote!

Fantastic!  Beautiful!  Wonderful!


Hello Friends: Before nothing to lose apologize for my English. As the project presented, say it was a project "thinking and doing" something instant at which I have schemes able to present, sorry (it's all on paper and pencil and in my head). The test board is (with holes) and I used a PIC16F876 at hand. All this work, if done "right" is to use a micro as el16f876A falls short in terms of input / output. To use the original potentiometers have to change some clues cutting board to use them alone, that is one end to Vcc + GND and another cursor to the mic input. I'll see if I can make a quick sketch with the Eagle and I go to my blog along with the code used (mikroBasic pro). In my blog there are some more photos.   http://migranjadigital.blogspot.com



Hello Friends: links to the code and schema are already in my blog.

Regards. :-))

Have you tried to use the XBee in API mode? In this way it is possible to read the analog data from the joysticks and the push buttons - let's say - every millisecond and to transfer all data in one "package" to another XBee on the robot. Using this methodology you don't even need an PIC in your handset. 

Check this out: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/26860



Thanks mate. The truth is I'm starting with the xbee, in fact this is  first work with these modules. Take into account your advice to upcoming projects, thank you very much.

Greetings.  :-)

Nice job, I didnt even think to replace the whole thing with a PCB.

I did something very similar, I took a logitech PSX controller and hacked all the traces to run to a PIC16F882 including the 4 analog axis's. The pic then sends out serial data 10/sec to an RF transmitter. If I find it I will take some pictures of it although im a little hesitant to open it because as I recall it was a MESS. I beleive there was a fair amount of hot glue and crazy glue involved. I used a rigid piece of coax for the antennea and heat shrunk it.