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Remote Controlled Robotic Arm question

hello guys i want to ask something about this node


how to manipulate the two .pde's

im new in arduino..

tnx for helping

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As far as I understand you want to manipulate a pde file. PDE is the old Arduino IDE file format. To manipluate this file do the following:

  1. Download the Arduino IDE
  2. Rename your file to *.ino instead of *.pde
  3. Open the file with the Arduino IDE and then...
  4. Happy manipulating.

thnx for reply..

im wondering which of the two will be on the arduino board the remote1.pde or the sense.pde..


As the page states, the sense.pde is run first to get calibration numbers that are used in the remote1.pde. You must run the sense.pde because potentiometers are not all produced exactly the same.

Looking at the code for the sense file, you will see it says you are looking for values for each of the joints for 0 and 180 degrees. They will not all be the same.

Looking at the code for the remote1 file, you will see, starting at line 65, a set of 4 const int arrays. One for each joint. The two values in the curly braces { } are what was read for his setup at 0 degrees and 180 degrees.

Once you get the values and place them in their proper points. You will need to recalculate the scale values for each joint and replace his numbers for that as well. Finally, you may need/want to adjust the joint offsets for each servo.

Clear as mud?

thank you so much.. mr.Birdmun..

im apreciate your reply...

but the sense.pde will not upload to the arduino, just run it.. and the remote1.pde will be on the arduino..?

thnx for help birdman