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RepRap - Issues trying to simulate a print

Okay, so this is my first forum post on LMR so bare with me please.

I've been working on my RepRap Prusa Mendel i2 printer so I can use it in my business, http://kellerrobotics.com that I am starting. However I am having troubles trying to just run a "cold print" so to speak. I'm wanting to simulate the printer printing something without extruding or having the heater cartridge on just to make sure I have everything involving axis movement setup properly. I have my ATX Power supply connected to the 5 amp connection only as of right now and whenever I try to print something, the printer homes and then I get the red lgiht coming on solid and its all stop from then on. I am getting scrollign code of T:18.0 E:0 W:? and the 18.0 is fluctuating between 17.9 and 18.2 or so, so I'm figuring that is the printer detecting ambient temperature or something. I am using the Ramps 1.4 board with Marlin software and using Pronterface as my slicer/g-code streamer. I will attach my configuration.h file from my marlin software in case something is wrong there. Just download the configuration.txt file and rename it configuration.pde and it will open in the Arduino IDE And all of my endstops do work so it does home, but other than that, it doesnt go any further in the printing process. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


                                                               -Malachi Keller

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I am a CNC guy and I know exactly what you want to do here. If this were a mill, you are looking to do an "air cut", basically a run through of the cut, but with the bit set much higher than the workpiece.

Your printer is probably not going to play nice on this one. Put simply, it is waiting for the extruder to warm up --there are provisions in the code to prevent printing until the hotend is up to temp. I am sure there is a way to jump over this problem, but really, I suggest just biting the bullet and doing a regular print.

I personally suggest one of the "companion cubes" found on thingiverse.

I'm with Chris, just hook up your hotend. You're gonna have to do it sooner or later :D

If you don't have your hotend yet and just HAVE to see it dance around you could try a couple of things. You could change the "define mintemp extrude" (Or something similar in Marlin) to a value below room temp, or figure out the thermistor value at operating temp and stick a regular resistor in place of it. If you do tinker with your firmware then save the changes as another file in order to keep a "clean" copy of it just in case you really gum it up.

I haven't tried either method so remember that you could burn your house down, blow up your Arduino or cause permanent bowel/bladder incontinence with either approach described \o/

if you commet out the temp codes (M140,M141,M104,M109,M116) it should run.     be sure the z home is set before you try or you can crash the extruder into the bed.


good luck

Okay...so I connected the hotend, have both the 5 amp and 11 amp lines going to the RAMPS 1.4 board and everythign homes...when i try to print something, it homes, stops and gives me a red light on the RAMPS 1.4 board and nothing else happens. Any ideas of what could be going on? I am using pronterface and using Marlin as my firmware...

Forgot to mention that the hotend never heats up past room temperature. It doesnt feel warm to the touch and nothing happens...Hoping to have a succesful 3d print by the end of this month is the goal so any help is greatly appreciated :D

Let me know how it works out for you when you get it going. I'm looking to get one and popped in here and you have the exact one I was looking thinking about getting. Actually I guess I'll just start a new thread for recommendations on what to buy.