Let's Make Robots!

Ripsaw MS1

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this is old. was built like 4 years ago and featured in PM. still love it
That is some amazing suspension!
Anyone see the video?

I like it, and I live in the ghetto so I need one


I don't think you need very big H-bridges on gas-engines ;-)

 But THAT was a rugged robot base with threads. I'm thinking BMFYDM as in Big M*F* Yellow Drum Machine, that could pound down houses in a complicated, but catchy rythm.

/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"



I call shotgun!

You can have shotgun, I want the gatling gun... =p
a laser minigun. pewpewpewpewpewpew foom!

Santa could use it instead of a sliegh - mount a red laser in front, or more importantly

Would one fit in Santa's bag?

Great for when the neighbours have the music up too loud! (I had a biker gang for neighbours once).