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Robot-y things to do in Japan?

We're going to Tokyo on March 30 to April 9. Unfortunately I'm missing Robo-One by a week, but maybe someone knows of other fun robot related things to do while there? I've checked Robots Dreams so I'll have a few shops in Akihabara to visit but there isn't anything in their calendar yet.

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Back from the trip now :) Still got lots of university stuff to do, so I haven't had time to upload my photos.

We were actually near the Fuji-Q Highland Park where the Gundam robot is supposed to be, but the hostel staff looked it up and apparently the robot is lying down at the moment (and the winners of some game were allowed to enter it's cockpit or something) so we didn't think it was worth going there.

However, we went to see some biped robot sumo at Kondo Robo-Spot and it was pretty cool. My wife enjoyed it too. I think Technologia Robot Shop was the best shop we visited in Akihabara (lots of robot stuff at good prices).

Tokyo Hands had mostly pretty generic DIY stuff, and the cheaper kind of office furniture, toys, clocks etc, but I think it's more interesting if you're building something specific and know what you're looking for :)

I've heard the ultimate hobby shop ever is called TOKYO HANDS in Tokyo. I don't know the adress, but my friend got me a limited edition Tamyia motor with rotating axle in both ends from there. And how cool is that?!
 Anyone who likes Japan is a friend of mine. Anythink I can help with is OK. I also practice japanese zen. Their temples are beautiful and very natural. Japan has mixed hi tech with nature. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/12/01/robot-dance-off-at-robo-o_n_375448.html?slidenumber=JJo8mAiqng4%3D&slideshow&slideshow#slide_image  I won't go into the temple power. lol
You should also check out Shibuyo. It is the in place for the younger people and have some huge electronics department store along with other things. They do orginise things differently. Hope you have someone that speaks english with you. Not as common as you think there. My wife is from there so that saved by butt alot. Too bad I wasen't into home robots when I was there. Especially taking the trains. lol
Thanks for the tips! I saw the Laputa sentry last time and it's pretty small compared with the other two :)
Miraikan is definitely worth checking out, you can see Halluc II and Asimo, plus tons of other cool robot and non-robot tech stuff. I pretty much spent a whole day in there.

If you get a chance it would be cool to check out this:    http://www.wired.com/magazine/tag/japan/

Also on the more gadgety side you could check out Akihabara, I also found this in wired: http://www.wired.com/magazine/2009/12/test_steven_levy/

Hope you enjoy it. Let us know if you do anything cool, robotics/tech wise.