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Hi all

I'm still  thinking of a smarter lawn mower that would be able to navigate in my yard around trees and flowers (even if they are gone right now)  using an enhanced GPS, I read a few things about RTK LIB which is supposed to provide a cm accuracy. It's obviously above my level but has anyone tried to use it ? is there a "quite" simple implementation of such a solution ?


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of course my mower is equipped with obstacle sensors and burried wire but the navigation is still not very effective almost random

One of the idea with RTK LIB is to have a ref station (know and fixed position) and a rover (mobile) in order to compute the corrections that the GPS signal needs. if the calculated position of the ref station is false then the ref station send a message (by radio) to the rover to stop it. >In normal condition the base station send only corrections. High accuracy (cm) are used in agricultural and even in diydrone. But still complicated for me

If you've ever used a Tom-Tom, Garmin or even a cell phone GPS system, you know that it doesn't take much to lose a signal. Even if you can get 1cm accuracy (which is a pretty dubious claim) it probably wouldn't be wise to send an autonomous weed whacker (best case scenario) into a world where its guidance system can drop out if there's a tree or high altitude disturbance nearby. Use multiple backup guidance and obstacle sensors or someone's going to end up in the hospital. (Even if you tell it where every flower in the yard is, people and pets can move through and GPS won't help with them.) The professional ones get away from time to time and terrorize the neighborhood (it happened to the dealership up the road from us-luckily on the cusp of a rural area), and those are mostly guided by a buried RFID-like system.