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Sevo Help (Solved)

I'm using the PICAXE 20x2 to move a servo.

Here is the servo = http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=9065

I do this:


servo B.0, 150

pause 700

servo B.0, 75

pause 700

servo B.0, 225

puase 700

goto main

For some reason. the servo bounces back and forth between these positions without pauseing and then just moves to the far left, stops and jitters.Another servo has done this to me. It's either my program or servos just don't like me.

I just added a bigger capacitor like what voodoobot said.

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If you use your code above you will get an error massage, because you wrote "puase" instead of "pause".

How did you connect your servo to Picaxe? Do you have other output devices connected to your Picaxe?

Please check also your operating voltage.


Try to add a longer pause (1000) to the program and also make sure pause is spelled correctly in your prog(though I'm sure it will tell you when you try to upload it)

What are you running the picaxe from? Breadboard? If so, do you have the serin properly grounded?

Try adding a cap to the + and - where the servo is plugged in.


I'll try and report back to you.

I'm a little rusty on Picaxe, but I'm pretty sure "B.0" is supposed to be the pin your servo is connected to, so it should be like "9" or whatever. If "B.0" is supposed to be a byte variable (I'm guessing this is the pin of your servo?) then it should be "B0" (drop the dot) and you need to say that "B0" is the pin your servo is connected to.

 And I'm guessing you have the red wire hooked up to a 5 to 7 volt power supply, right?

B.0 is the output pin name.I have that part right. And yes it is connected to 5V

Ah yes, it's the X2 chip, I remember now.. I've only ever worked with a 28x1

I can only really suggest Devo at this point. Forget the servo problem entirely and go with the Devo. They really are under-rated, you know. They had that one song "Whip it" but there was so much more. I tell ya, this was the time of "B" sides for cryin' out loud! So if you really search some of thier older stuff, I'm sure you will find something that works for you.


Devo was a progressive rock group from the 80's.

Your servo and your pic should share a ground. The black wires should be connected together.


I did that. Still doesn't work.

No wait, that was Devo, no sevo...

Connect your grounds.