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Small nuts and bolts, where do you get them?

I asked this question once before in a bad spot I think. Where do you all get small nuts and bolts. I went to a local hardware store for really small nuts and bolts, like 2x20mm, 2x12 mm, and similar sized imperial nuts and bolts. I walked out of the place with like 30 bolts and 30 nuts and it was over $30.00!!! I used all of them on one project and still have to go get more. But at 45 cents plus a bolt, it is gonna bankrupt me. Is there a good place online to buy these things in like 100 packs or boxes or something for cheaper than a dollar for one nut and one bolt?

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I've been researching Fasteners suppliers and/or distributors.  I am finding places that have them, but the websites arent very easy to browse and read. plus all the graphics look the same, 2x20mm looks just like a 1/4"x20, etc.   and a million different options within 2x20mm.   you have to know exactly what you want in their lingo, such as 2x20mm, round head, phillips, stainless.  and usually its much more cryptic and abreviated than that.


 Do you have a local Tru-Value hardware store? The one in Ohio that I buy from has metric screws as small as M2 with various head types and lengths. I got some the other day and M2 screws average $0.20 each and nuts/washers are around $0.10 to 0.15 each. This is the only store I have found that carries anything smaller than #4 or M4 hardware.

I use these chaps http://www.modelfixings.co.uk/. Best value I could find for this sort of stuff. As you can see they're in the UK, so I'd check the shipping costs if you're after a few Kgs worth. Within the UK they're very reasonable.

I'm not sure about the particular items you hunting for, but as a general source for such hardware I have ordered from two online vendors.  Both treated me well.

Bolt Depot

Small Parts


both sites looks pretty good, Bolt Depot looks easier to use.

Most of my hardware comes from things I've taken apart. VCR's, old floppy drives, copy machines, printers, scanners, etc. The list is almost endless and most of these items can be obtained for free, (or nearly so), from friends, relatives, the curb on trash day, and thrift stores.

One great place I've found for freebies is car stereo shops that do installation. They almost always have a box of bad power antenna motors and moon roof motors they'll give you just to get rid of them. I've even left them a Rubbermaid tote bin with my name & phone number on it. They call me when it's full and I replace it with an empty one.

I also buy a lot at police & government auctions. It's not unusual to get an entire pallet of "stuff" for $10.00 or $12.00. Often you can get older server racks, radios, test equipment, etc, that when stripped down, yields nice extruded aluminum, brass, displays, power supplies, wire, connectors, and anything else you can imagine.

excellent advice!

Thanks everyone. Yeah, I try to scavenge alot from old broken stuff. I've been asking around for broken printers and stuff like that, because I do alot of computer repair stuff. But these online shops will come in handy. I figured Tru-value would be just as expensive as the Ace hardware I went to, but from what Gary posts, they may be about half the price. I will have to check them out. Hobby shops are just out of the question expensive for screws. Thanks again for the great suggestions.

This is where I find miniature parts for my projects. http://www.smallparts.com/

In the little bins at Radio Shack they carry 2-56 and 4-40 nuts and bolts. They are not that expensive and hey, it is radio shack so they are local.