Let's Make Robots!

SoCal MakerCon - Nov 8th 2014

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SAC Attack, RRevo and SMASHBOTZ will be bringing combat robots to So Cal Maker Con.    This is our first event of the 2014 - 15 season and we will have Ant Weight and Beetle Weight robots rumbling in the SACAttack Arena.  It will also feature the return of the fire ball of doom and the return of some truly great robots and maximum carnage behind bullet proof glass.  If you loved battlebots, this is your chance to get involved.  Don't be shy, bring anything that fits in the weight category, the standard RFL ruleset applies with the exception of EXTRA BACON.  Registration will be posted at rrevo.com.

Here is a highlight reel from our last competition:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hES_2p5jpoE&list=UUnUQV44YjBmDVhsVMTt__GA

The Robotics Society of Southern California(rssc.org) will also have a bunch of their bots.  We will run a mini sumo competition during the day and some line following competitions (maze and race following the rulesets on the RSSC website) so bring out your robots for a fun day.