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solar light

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Going green is easier than ever. high effficeny solar system to manage your daily lighting requirements both for indoors,outdoors and including street lights.

Renewable Energy Solutions using and lighting power saving solutions using High power LED solar powered light system with energy efficient, lighting provides green energy and saves our money Advantages of solar light systems

1)saves your huge power expense

2)maintenance free

solar light consists of

1)solar panel



4)MCU(AVR) and sensor(photo resistor)

5)Power LED & Driver

1.solar panel: solar panels in general are inefficient around 30%percent expensive component in the system A solar panel is a set of solar photovoltaic modules electrically connected and mounted on a supporting structure

2.charger It is designed to charge battery and to prevent from reverse current

3.Battery Ni-cD battery

4.MCU(AVR) and sensor(photo resistor) MCU with photoresistor: Microcontroller unit to control the brightness of LED automatically by receiving data from external world through sensor, This can be provided its brightest level during peak times of night, and then dimmed to accommodate times of reduced usage,thereby allowing for maximum energy efficiency

5.Power LED and driver Lumileds LUXEON high power LEDs are enabling solid-state lighting solutions that are more efficient,more reliable and long life no heat in the light beam and the ability for digital control, to drive these LED's we need a driver typically a power semiconductor device such as BJT/MOSFET is required. we can control brightness using MCU or with opamps.

check the attachment for details. thank you..

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Nice project !

How do you manage the battery charge ? You give very few information about the method used to charge.

Do you simple apply power onto NiCd battery pack until you reach 5,2 V (4x1,2 V) ?

Do you survey low power as well ? At what voltage do you cut off power ?

charger is jsut a simple circuit enough for low power applications. and doing good so far (and the real solar charger is PWM based )


diode is just to protect solar panel when Vsolar panel is less than Vbattery and the resistor is just to limit charging current and according to calculations it is 120mA and capacitors is just to stabilize the volatge.

thanks Mr. fpictor


Its good to see a solar project as it is rare to see one on on lmr. I have a made a solar array for my robot to charge while its on the move (autonomously) using cells i tabbed myself  i made a walk through on how to do it have a look! I might do a revised version later.

Nice project :) But you're waisting a lot of energy by using a series resistor with those power leds. You can find cheap efficient led drivers on Ebay. I use one on my service droid to drive 2 1W leds. The driver has a pwm input to control the brightness. I should take a better look at it to see what parts they use.

more than 5 hours pretty decent light and doing good so far.

thanks hoff.  ( i think it is hotend. ), nice picture.


How many hours of light can you get from a charge?


Oh, nice avatar :O