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Solder tips, which ones do I need?

After soldering with a simple Weller 40W solder iron for more then 10 years I have decided to buy a solder station.  This is the station I will buy: http://www.batronix.com/shop/soldering/Atten-AT938D.html Which tips should I buy with it? I have never done any SMD soldering because the tip of my Weller is much to big. With my new solder station I might have a go at SMD soldering. But most of my soldering will be simple through the hole stuff, soldering some connectors. The usual stuff...

The shop where I will get my solder station has a nice range of tips, but which ones should I buy? You can find the tips here: http://www.batronix.com/shop/soldering/tips.html


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Thanks for the tip tips :)

Geir, interesting video. It makes SMD soldering look very easy. Will definately try to design and make a board with SMD components in the near future.

After doing some SMD projects I’m probably not going back to through hole components again. It’s just as fast to solder and you can cram a lot of components into a small area, cutting the cost of having boards manufactured. I love it !! :-)

If your eyesight is good you probably can solder 0805 components or even smaller with no magnification, -or you could get a pair of something like these. http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-10X-Lighted-Magnifying-Glass-LED-Head-Headband-Magnifier-Loupe-W-Sunshield-/180832835288?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2a1a7a16d8
And remember, get some Flux. That makes all the difference.
Good luck.

I'm a fan of the chisel tip, rather than conical. The flat part of the chisel allows more surface area contact and therefore more heat transfer.

Even without SMD soldering, you want a small chisel tip for most detailed electronics work. 

A larger chisel tip is very handy for desoldering, or for soldering larger connections.

I would go for a chisel tip like the 900M-T-1.2D and maybe a round sloped like the 900M-T-2C for mini wave soldering.
Have a look at this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NN7UGWYmBY
And the best of luck with SMD soldering, it is not as hard that it looks!!