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Special limited offer for all LMR members!

Ok, officially this offer is over but if you contact Pome and tell her how beautiful she is (flattery will get you everywhere) you might be able to get this deal until the end of the week (9th of November 2013).

The shipping of these kits is taking a little longer than planned. This is entirely my fault as I am a perfectionist and keep making last minute modifications. The end result is that I've almost doubled the lifting capacity of the arms from 250g to 450g (about 1lb). This is enough for a can of beer or softdrink (no beer = no good).

The panels are being laser cut this week. I will update this post again when shipping begins.


Good news for LMR members. DAGU is offerering the Service Droid V3 to LMR members for the distributor price of $85 if you pre-order before the end of October. This price does not include shipping or a Rover 5 chassis.


If you want to see what's in the kit and what's involved with assembling the kit then the complete assembly manual can be downloaded from here:

Click on the photo for a higher resolution image.

For that price you get:

  • Full set of laser cut parts in black and white.
  • All mounting hardware including ball bearings for wrist and shoulder assemblies.
  • Aluminium pan / tilt assembly.
  • 2x 12Kg.cm metal geared servos with dual ball bearings on output shaft.
  • 2x 3Kg.cm standard sized servos with ball bearing on output.
  • 4x 2Kg.cm little black duck miniature servos with ball bearing on output.
  • 4x servo extension cables for wrist and gripper servos.
  • Assembly instruction manual (PDF).

It should be noted that this kit is just the robot body and does not include the Rover 5 chassis which is sold seperately. You must add your own controller and sensors depending what function you want. A minimum configuration would be the addition of a Mini Driver and a bluetooth module so you can control it with an app on your mobile phone.

If your interested then contact Pome to organize payment and shipping details. Payment must be made by the end of October to be eligable for this offer. Delivery should be early November.



More Information:

Here are some basic dimensions to give you an idea how big the robot is.

The pincer on the right arm opens quite large and is intended for picking up glasses, cans and small bottles. The sweeping gripper on the left arm is spring loaded allowing it to hold objects of different thicknesses from a piece of paper to a tv remote or ash tray.

Although designed for a Rover 5 chassis this kit has a flat base with 4 mounting holes making it easy to fit on other bases.




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My new Rover 5 and service droid arrived this morning. Thanks all :)

Started a blog post about the service droid: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/39250

I have now written some sample code that will allow a Mini Driver to be a "smart" motor and servo driver. The Mini driver will accept commands via I2C from a master controller and will use the encoders to give precise speed control with full torque.

You can download the sample code here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/39098

Can we order more than one? 

Yes but you better hurry. The kits will be packed next week and the price will be going up because the laser cut factory has raised their price.

I am told that your original order of 1 kit will still be priced at $85 as this is what we originally quoted.

Since the other kits were ordered later and we have since discovered that the laser cutting cost have gone up , the additional kits will be $95 each. This is still a bargin.

I'm not sure about the three weeks. That's longer than I expected but admittedly it depends on the factory laser cutting the parts plus we need to teach the workers how to pack it plus there are other orders that may need to be processed first.

I'll post an update when we are packing the kits.

Currently I am building a second prototype to confirm that the final laser cutting pattern is correct and that the manual is correct.

Just had the confirmation that my parts are ordered :) Got the same kit: Service droid, Rover 5 and 4 channel motor controller :) Pome said that it will take about 3 weeks to get the parts made? Looks like a nice winter project. I plan to fit a raspberry pi and camera. With the goal to make the bot controlled over wifi.

Submitted my order for the Service Droid, Rover 5 4wd-4 encoders and 4 channel driver.  Early Christmas present for myself! Courtesy in part of the Doodlebot contest award.  Thanks Oddbot! 

I have emailed Pome 2 days ago. Have not gotten a reply. Don't want to miss this offer :)

Dear Friend,

Sorry to hear that, but I do not know why I did not receive your email.Could you help to check if you made a email to my below mailbox: pomedagu@gmail.com.

Please give your email address to me, then I can contact you right now.Or please let me know which item you want to order with service droid and your shipping address, I can quota the shipping cost to you as soon as possible.

If any question,feel free to contact me.

Best regards,