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Steering problem


I don't know if any of you have seen my project that I posted just earlier on today (http://letsmakerobots.com/node/23660), but I have already ran into a problem with the servo steering. As it says in the project, the servo at 0 or 180 is barely turning left or right.

Do any of you know of any genius ideas as to how to fix this ?? Or perhaps even a way or rebuilding the steering entirely for use with a micro servo?


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Does the servo itself turn through 180 degrees when it is not connected to the steering linkage? In other words, does the servo works fine on its own and only have problems when connected to the steering?

Pictures or video might help.

Hi, The servo works fine it was just too small a gear for the 180 degrees. I think I've found a way to fix it though by using string that goes out to one of the plastic pillars and loops round it to come back to the servo, making a kind of pully system. I'll post pictures on my robot's project page once I've finished if anyone is interested :)