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Suggestions for a Book on Circuit Design

I have a fairly strong background in code development, but I would like to build a stronger knowledge in curcuit design. I can read a datasheet and learn how to hook up a certain component, but when it comes to using a specific component for a use other than it is designed for I lack the knowledge to know when to use a capacitor, flyback diodes, etc.

Does anyone know of a good book that explains components and gives good insight into circuit design? I am doing decent on my own, but I love to have research sources available for out of the box design work. I like to know more about a subject than I need to know ;)

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Here's another that has been refered to as a great study in electronics. I have a copy and lab manual.:


Oh yeah, I have that book too.  Pretty good.  I didn't know that they had a lab manual too though.  How's the lab manual?
It works as an added explanaition, and can lead you through some experiemtns if you have some extra equipment. I thought it was a good addition.
This is great, thanks for the link.

When I clicked the link I was expecting somewhere to buy the book... To find it all online --W00t W00t!!

Awesome reference, thanks


A lot of the book is online, but I believe they leave out a lot of the pages (probably so you'll buy the book) but what they have posted is pretty good =)
I will probably buy a hard copy. I love that google has books online, but I would love to have a hard copy or at least have it on a kindle.

Out of all the books I own, my favorite is "Practical Electronics for Inventors," by Paul Scherz.  It has a lot of examples and it focuses on very practical stuff.  For example, it tells you what kind of wires there are, and what are the capabilities of each gage wire.  It also gets into the different kinds of capacitors, what they're made of, and what kind of application to use them for.  It also gets into LED's, lamps, transistors, relays, and many many parts that you will use in a robot.  In addition, it starts from the very basics (such as ohm's law) but it has enough depth to show you how a filter or an operational amplifier works, and how to use them in a circuit.  It easily replaces five to ten of my engineering books if all I need is a good reference.  I think the thing that will benefit you the most is, that the language is very down to earth and easily understandable by those that do not have a background in engineering.  Here's a link that shows  you a preview of what's in the book  Hope you find it useful.



Good find: great link. I'm going to buy this one for sure!