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For those in New Zealand and Austrailia

Have just had some parts sent to me by Tim at mindkits.co.nz. Had a great experience dealing with Tim he was quick at replying to emails (same day, on weekends and within an hour). Parts were delivered within a 2 days. Great dealer in Parts and assistance.

I highly recommend Tim and his site for those in New Zealand and I guess Australia.


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Hi LMRer's

 Try dontronics, Don as been at it for a long time is very good value and carries lots including the Sparkfun Gear (arduino).

 all the best

Always handy to have another supplier on the favourites list. Seems like there are a few misc parts that are hard to find locally.

I was thinking of buying stuff from either of the 3 shop on arduino.cc for nz. midkits was the cheapest and most promising.


good looking website too...


 Thanks for the link, I'm always looking for new suppliers. When you're on a small budget it pays to shop around.