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Hi :)

This website is a free and volunteer based initiative, originally started by Fritsl in 2008, now 100% produced and maintained by members of the community. Thanks to everyone.

[Everything is changing very rapidly these days :) The only thing that remains is that you can contact us here and that you are a very talented person]


Who pays for this / What do you do with the money?

You contribute and help us run the site, if you buy the Start Here bundle, or support us in other ways.

The money that we make are covering the most basic needs, and nice people pay for the rest - in time, talent, and sometimes cash. Some of us have paid quite a lot of cash.

Mostly the site is alive because anonymous and cool people like yourself support when ever there is something to be done or paid for. We may make profit one day, and if so, we will open the talk with the backstage mailing list on what to do with this money. There are really no rules here, because we never met, never signed anything, we just do this, like you do. If something is missing or wrong, then someone says it, and then someone fixes it. Or we die. But we are strong, and will live :) Male bonding, yer!


Right now hosting is costing more than what we make. Many good members come up with ideas to make money to cover for this. Unfortunately what may be hard to see through is that most often these ideas takes a lot more time to realize in reality than what they make up for in terms of money making.

We are working on a shopping system where users can sell stuff to each other (and where professionals can bid in as well) - this should be making us some money, as we'll charge a % of each transaction.

Status is that we already did make such a system, but unfortunately it was not very good: Based upon CS Multicart it was not at all very well functioning for the vendors. It looked great on paper, but in reality the steps to start selling was far too many.

We are now doing another system, based on Word Press. It is in progress.

In the meantime some members are asking how to donate, which is so nice that it's hard to put words on. Also it's hard to set up, becuase 'who should have the money'?

But upon request: Fritsl is the one actually paying money for hosting in these days, so if you want to donate and help to pay that cost, here's a PayPal donate button:





Here are some guides on how to enjoy and use LMR to the fullest. Because this system has more knobs, buttons and gauges than a Mars Rover's RC!


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I don't seem to get videos in posts any more - ( since the server upgrade)

I can see the video on the front page - The $20 robot - that runs fine. But I can't see any videos in the posts like I used to be able to.

Am I missing soething? A setting or something?



Hey is there a reason that I no longer get emails of posts anymore?

Hey, rik. Would you consider adding my LMR Primer post to the list of Tips above?

and done

How can we post code nice and easy? On other forums, Arduino Forum for instance, there is a # [code][/code] button that wraps the code text and creates a scrollable window, so a large code can be pasted but it would not fill up the whole post. Can we have something like that here?


If you want to join the dev team, you are very welcome to take on this task.

Other than that, I personally use the attach file - function for longer code. That opens in peoples own syntac-colouring editor.


And note that you can Disable rich-text, and

write as crazy as you'd like :)

there is also a quote- function!

That makes things look like this

And you can use that with formatting,


Even create lines and insert HTML :)



Sorry, but I don't "speak" HTML. I have no idea how to implement such a thing. This is something for the professionals.

Yeah, I guess I can play around with the settings. But it's so frustrating and I have to remember what I did last time that worked so I don't have to spend one more hour to guesstimate. I like the simplicity of other forums, and I think more people would share their code easier and clearer.


Hey, rik! I created a tip/walkthrough on how to post pictures. Would you consider including it in the list of guides above?


Thanks, done :)

I love this site! Almost everyting about it is very easy. It blows all the other forums, and I've seen a bunch, out of the water.

You should package the software and sell it.

First you should add spell check to the editor. some of us can't spell worth a darn (really we just don't touch type)