Let's Make Robots!

Trouble Collecting


First day joining LMR. Love this site! I found a number of robots that I would like to follow the progress on. But when I click on the Collect link I get a HTTP error 200... I am using Google Chrome has anyone had this before?

Really sorry if this is this wrong spot for posting this, I did a search and came up empty...

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I thought Geeez, Im off to a great start I cant even get the web site working my way how will I ever get my robots ALIVE! He He...

Yep, Glitches do happen, nice to see LMR members pulling together and trying to fix it, seems to make this a strong comunity!

So glad that I joined the LMR.

I too am having no luck collecting. I am using the latest version of Firefox if that makes a difference. Thanks!

Sorry about this, it is on our fix-list - below a couple of more heavy ones at the moment of writing this - but we will get this done as well ASAP :)