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Ultrasonic Transducer Transmitter\Reciever



I am trying to make an ultransonic obstacle sensor, I just need to know if the Transmitter and reciever have polarity? And if so how do I tell which is the Cathode and which is the anode?

The transmitter and reciever I have are the following.


I have checked the datasheet but there is no indication of polarity, also tried google but nothing cam back (maybe just me using the incorrect key words)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Thanks for the help my ultrasonic sensor is working.... now to build a robot around it :-)

Especially electrets the ground is the one that touches the casing and Vin is insulated from it. I can't guarantee that's what's going on here but with nothing else to go on, keep it in mind.

the lead with the case snuggled up next to it might be the ground lead. It is really just a guess though.

That is pretty much the assumption I have gone with... Thanks.

From what it looks (from the datasheets) neither of them have polarity.
UT1612MPR and UR1612MPR

Do you have any pics of them?


The lead connected to the aluminum housing is probably GND.