Let's Make Robots!

Update: Final parts arrived for the Service Droid - shipping at the end of the week

First of all I want to apologise that this has taken so long. It is partly my fault that the kits have taken so long to be produced because I made some last minute improvements to increase the strength of the arms.

We have also had some delays waiting for parts to arrive. The latest being that the laser cut factory missed one part. These parts arrived today. The parts cannot be packed tomorrow because we have another order that must be finished first so packing won't begin until Wednesday.

As this is the first time we have packed this kit and it has a lot of parts I need to double check the kits so Pome probably won't be able to ship the kits until Thursday (28th November). If there are no more delays then Pome should be able to ship the kits Thursday and send you tracking numbers on Friday.

Newest version of the assembly manual can be downloaded here:

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Cheers for all the hard work so we can play OddBot. I can't wait to see some of the Robots appearing on LMR!

Thanks for the extra efforts and diligence! 






Just wanted to say it was quite cool seeing the process from original concept, design, testing, and prototyping that you shared here.

At least I rarely get to see something like that. 

Congrats and good luck on sales!


Woohoo :)

Well it's finally packed and ready to go. Your Service Droid kits will be arriving next week!