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using a microphone as sensor

I have a couple of headset microphones, and I would like to use them as sound sensors..

I tried to amplify the signal using LM386, but it doens´t work.. can someone help me on this?

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I´ve found this item, seems to be a good solution.

Maybe not, that breakout board is only a simple amplifier. The circuit that Ant found from Rev Ed includes a sample and hold section as well as an amplifier that is more compatable with microcontrollers as it gives them more time to sample the input and recognise that a sound was made.

It depends on what you want the robot to do.

I see.. I will buy all the components and build the Rev Ed circuit

this might be overkill, but it worked well for me, I'm guessing you can use it with any pic?


it is endeed overkill, but if the one I posted don´t work I will try these circuit for sure  :-)
Please keep up on this thread and be sure to include all your schematics and results... I'm quite interested in this one.
can you tell me if these micros are electret?


Can't tell from a photo of the case. You need to show us the microphone itself.

Chances are they will be in which case be sure to connect power the right way around! Use at least 1K in series.

here it is..  :)


Definately electret mics