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Videos for LMRv4 Fundraising


Make Some Videos!

I'm encouraging people to record a 30 second or less video at home and send me the file, or link on YouTube or other hosting site. Doug and I will compile a video of LMR members explaining why LMR is so important to us, and asking for support. If we show the world how much we care about LMR, and what this community has done for us, they'll care too. Maybe enough to contribute a few bucks.

I've linked the videos I've received so far at the bottom of this post.


After hanging out the weekend of March 2nd to 4th to support the LMRv4 Fundraising, we collected a few videos from members to support the effort. Since then, several members have submitted more videos. I'm collecting them all here.

These videos are being posted on the front page of LMR, and I'm spreading the word on Facebook and Twitter. I'd like to keep a steady stream of videos througout the fundraising, so please do make one and let me know so I can post it.

Hangout Weekend

Here are some screen captures from the Google Hangout sessions. 

Pictured above are myself, Chris the Carpenter, and Doug Griggs (targetdg15). We've also had Mark Miller (theandroidman), BotFIN, and Gareth on. I believe NilsB tried to join but had some techincal issue. 


Here's a few more pictures from various hangout sessions through the weekend.

Below is a screen capture of a hangout with myself and BotFIN. I demonstrated my rotating LED spinner and BotFIN showed me his Buglet. Click the image to see a bigger copy where you can read the chat session.


Chris the Carpenter jumped on the hangout and showed his CNC machine in 3D printer mode as it printed a mini vase. Chris shared some info on how his machine is working. Click the image below for a close-up of the 3D printer at work.


Hangers-out this weekend included (in no particular order):

  • Chris the Carpenter
  • Mark Miller (theandroidman)
  • Doug Griggs (targetdg15)
  • Gabriel (Ro-Bot-X)
  • BotFIN
  • Gareth
  • Ben Makins
  • Patrick McCabe
  • HS Palm
  • TinHead
  • NilsB
  • JAX

A couple of people tried to join, but had technical difficulty. Sorry about that. I'd complain to Google, but the service is free to begin with. ; j


LMR_Fundraising_Hangout_BotFIN_Buglet_crop.jpg127.48 KB
LMR_Fundraising_Hangout_CtC_CNC.jpg22.71 KB

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Five videos submitted so far. 


On the 5th video (from Maxhirez), try turning closed captioning (CC) on.