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Waterproof ultrasonic sensor?

Can I unsolder the transducers from the Parallax PING sensor and replace them by these ones: http://www.parallax.com/Store/Sensors/ObjectDetection/tabid/176/ProductID/755/List/0/Default.aspx?SortField=ProductName,ProductName? They operate at the same frequency. Also, why does the PING sensor have two transducers? I guess one is a transducer and the other is a receiver, but is it the same part? Would I need to get a special waterproof receiver for the transducer Parallax is offering?

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isnt that weatherproof? not waterproof?

IF and I mean IF it would work underwater AT ALL, then you would have to recalculate your algorithm to find out the distance, because sound travels faster in water than it does in the air.

40 khz is definetly not going to work under water.



And as microbot has already pointed out: It says weatherproof NOT waterproof

Thanks for all the replies and well, if it's not waterproof its ok I just want it weatherproof. Anyways I'm going to use it for a firefighting robot (and you know when the alarm goes off there's water sprinklers that go off as well in most buildings, so I want the robot to be able to survive occasional water splashes and sprinkles). With that in mind, is it possible to switch the transducers on the PING sensor wkithout having to dramatically change the electronic scheme of the sensor?