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Where should I start #2

Oh no, I accidently delete the whole post. I was to delete a reply I just sent by mistake, and apparently it deleted the complete thread :(. Oh dear, and that happens to an IT guy, cheese... :)

But lucky enough, I got a lot of informations before I deleted it. And did save it for offline reading :)
I was to ask only one last thing.

I can't remember who, but someone linked this kit http://www.robotshop.com/eu/dfrobotshop-rover-tracked-robot-basic-kit-2.html
I was to ask if there are any drawbacks in getting this kit instead of the parts that merser listed? Will I be able to improve this kit like adding new parts to it? And will I be able to program, for example, the led's different or will I be restricted somehow by ordering such premade kits compared to ordering parts and not a kit?
What if I break a part of the kit, will I be able to replace it, or is THAT the drawbacks of such kits?
Or is it just a money question? I planned to spend around 100$ (tools excluded) for a kit or parts to do my first steps.



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I am the one who posted that link ;)

Honestly, both are good for a start. The rover tracked use some genereic hardware as well that could be replace easily. Merser proposal was very good too.

If it can helps, here the pros and the cons for each (from my point of view) :

Rover tracked

Pros :
- Everything is in the kit, you won't miss any part
- You will be guided by a specific documentation (I guess, I have never bought that kit)
- Some sensors are pre soldered
- no "mechanical" problem to solve

Cons :
- No place for your imagination
- It will not totally be "your" creation
- No ultrasonic sensor (which is probably the sensor that provides the more fun => obstacles avoidance and makes your robot really autonomous)

Merser proposal :

Pros :
- Cutomized creation
- a bit of mechanical challenge
- SFR05 (as told above, this ultrasonic sensor provides great possibilities)

Cons :
- A bit more challenging, you will have to find by yourself how to build it, connect it and program it (it is not that difficult, but still not as easy as a full documentation :)
- You might need more tools to fix all components together
- Do not forget any component when ordering ! I have wasted so much money doing 5 orders for the same robot because I always forget something :p (and transport fees might be higher than the price of the damn forgotten component ;)

So it is up to you :)