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why is my chip burning?

i want to control 4 motors with a single L293d.but the chip is becoming extremely hot.is it burning bcoz of the 2 extra sorte motor or i might have any short circuit in my bread-board?(i had triple checked it).


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Sorry, I misread your schematic. As hydro and basile said before. connecting 2 motors in parallel may draw too much current.

For single motors (4) you must connect them as shown in the PDF

3 & 14 one output to one of the motor contacts and Ground to the other contact both motors and both sides

6 & 11 one output to one of the motor contacts and V+ to the other contact both motors and both sides

only one motor each side connects across 3 & 14 or 6 & 11 for foward and backward control

The enble only controls Both motors or one motor each side On or HiZ on all outputs

With 4 motors you can only turn them ON or OFF with the control inputs

It may help if you piggy back 2, mount one L293D on top of another, i havn't tried it but have seen it done somewhere.. Correct me if i'm wrong!

I did not read your circuit, but a quick one from the hip: L293D can only handle up to 1 amp. That is in many cases (depending on load and power etc) what 2 motors pull. 4 will likely be double of what it can take.

PS: Please read the rules, bcoz they are there for the site to be more readable and searchable ;) Thanks.

From the specs of the L293D: http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/l293.pdf
600mA output current per channel and 1.2 peak output current per channel.

You could use the SN754410 that is a bit better (1A output and 2A peak output per channel) and is pin compatible with the L293D.


thanks basile

I did nothing more than reading the specifications.

You could even use a L298 that support up to 2A and peak 3A per channel.
The only thing is that it's not pin compatible with the L293

L298 page: http://www.st.com/internet/analog/product/63147.jsp
L298 specification file: http://www.st.com/internet/com/TECHNICAL_RESOURCES/TECHNICAL_LITERATURE/DATASHEET/CD00000240.pdf


P.S.: but before choosing the motor driver chip you HAVE to know the specifications of the motors.