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Wire Hangers

A free building material that's easy to work with and sturdy

A little video tip on using wire hangers as a construction material.  Just remember;

  • Don't cut hangers with your dikes
  • Remove the coating before soldering.  Even if it doesn't look like there's a coating, there is!
  • Solder them after mechanically connecting them.  Use a hot iron (30 watts +) and let the wire heat up.  It can take a little while

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Great tip! There is only one thing that I´m not clear about:  What to do when your wife chases you around the house wielding a knife after you have "harvested" all her wire hangers....! :D

They are great.

I'm not the overly cautious type, but crap will fly out and hit you in the face (always in the face...)  I just cut stuff behind my glass table.

I did stop using my teeth a few months ago.  I'm pretty proud of that. 

Safety goggles, dremel?   Who knew, I guess I should stop using my teeth...

Nice tip :)