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Youtube SCAM Alert

I found this guy stealing my youtube video's on his own channel. He literally downloaded my video's (some with my voice) and reposted them under his account. I reported the fraud and will wait to see what they do to him. But you guys need to check your stuff and report these jerks....just saying.....!!!



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I don't monetize my video's, but I understand why people would. (I hate watching commercials more than my desire to make money from hits) That is why I was shocked by these actions. Besides my video's are not very good most of the time. They are more about "I built this" now "You build something better".

BTW - I found my video fraud by searching/watching other users video's. Inspiration comes from others more than from within.

So irretating that is!

YouTUbe has some form of 'edit' or 'remix' system, so in many cases it's not needed to actually download videos to re-show them as 'you rown'. Many of my videos out there are on several channel like that.

But hey - it's the internet, things wants to fly freely!

it was a complete surprise to me, I suppose I am naive

So all youtube does to these guys is delete the stolen content. But they did give me all the hits from the stolen video's added to my original content.