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Youtube SCAM Alert

I found this guy stealing my youtube video's on his own channel. He literally downloaded my video's (some with my voice) and reposted them under his account. I reported the fraud and will wait to see what they do to him. But you guys need to check your stuff and report these jerks....just saying.....!!!



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I don't monetize my video's, but I understand why people would. (I hate watching commercials more than my desire to make money from hits) That is why I was shocked by these actions. Besides my video's are not very good most of the time. They are more about "I built this" now "You build something better".

BTW - I found my video fraud by searching/watching other users video's. Inspiration comes from others more than from within.

Apparently yours were good enough to copy. The jerk YouTube pirate, didn't think mine worthy of stealing. How insulting!

BTW, A while back 6677 told me about AdBlock. I'm amazed at how well it works. I used to just not watch videos with ads now I don't even know if a video had an add or not.

I'm not a big fan of users who "monetize" on YouTube. If someone was using my content that way I guess I'd be pissed. On the other hand if user a was putting ads over vids and then complaining because user b is using user a's material in the same way, I really wouldn't feel a lot of sympathy-Especially when it comes to "maker" vids. Our stuff is about sharing and showing off, not making a buck.

Fair point.

In regards to monetized YouTube videos: When you are unemployed and the only thing you are good at is video editing and making things, I see making a buck is fair. 

I guess is situational aswell.

If it's just a video you recorded with your phone of your robot moving then uploaded it to YouTube monetized it, meh. Don't see how a monetized video is warranted.

But in my case where I spend hours, sometimes days, recording, editing and uploading I think it is fair that people lose a minute of their time in order to help fund the hours that went into making the content for them to watch. 

Meant that as no argument starter, and I'm sure it wasn't my type of vids you were referring to. I'm just sick and grumpy atm, excuse me :)

I guess I'd make an exception for good how-to vids (unless they're by a manufacturer in relation to a specific product.) You put a lot of work into those. A "look what I made" video hardly merits a commercial though. It's almost its own commercial if all you're sharing with your audience is a plea for attention to what you did.

I think that account belonged to an Indian online store. I'm fairly sure they were posting my videos and I told them that they had to acknowledge that the videos were DAGU products.

In this case I do not think they intended any offense but as Duane Degn has pointed out the account is now closed.

I know one of DAGU's staff has a YouKu account where he post my videos because in China Youtube cannot be accessed. He also post other robot videos from youtube but this is not to steal other peoples work. It is simply to let these videos be seen in China.

I just noticed the YouTube account was closed.

So irretating that is!

YouTUbe has some form of 'edit' or 'remix' system, so in many cases it's not needed to actually download videos to re-show them as 'you rown'. Many of my videos out there are on several channel like that.

But hey - it's the internet, things wants to fly freely!

it was a complete surprise to me, I suppose I am naive

So all youtube does to these guys is delete the stolen content. But they did give me all the hits from the stolen video's added to my original content.