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Let's help each other printing more stuff :)

There may be a 3D printer or someone who'd like to pay for a print close to you..

but we can only know if you..--== Join the LMR 3D Print Club here ==--

Fullscreen map here :)

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Hi Basile,

I don't know if you're familiar with this magazine, which is being sold in the UK. I saw it advertised on TV and got excited, so my wife bought me a subscription.

You build a 3d printer over the course of 90 weeks. All the parts are supplied week by week and you also get a magazine, which is full of mostly irrelevant information.

I'm up to issue 17 at the moment, but I'll be joining you, one I have something functional.

I'm writing this on my tablet, which won't allow me to add links, so I'll just post the website below.


It loooks really nice.

Hope it turns out ok.


P.S.: keep us posted

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P.S.: I removed I registration because it was a duplicate and another 2 until I have a mail responce

You can add me, now have a working Prusa I3 printer :)



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