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Navigates around via stereo cams, picks up and carries objects
The robot is controlled from a laptop running Windows (don't kill me, please, Windows + Visual C++ is in my view still the easiest, most flexible environment to … Read more
RTK systems integrated with DRONES
Precis-BX316 GNSS Board, the RTK System with L1L2/G1G2/B1B2 & Heading at Affordable Prices. Support Shutter Synchronization & Raw Observation Data Logging. … Read more
A collection of my astromechs
Hi everyone, I am currently making a collection of droids, for the project Alliance/Army of Droids, part of the Alliance of Droids. Here is what I have so far: 1. … Read more
Hello everybody, Today, i'm introduce you to my most important project, the Rover mK2 : I'm working on robot since i've 14 yo. Like you, i've start this hobby with … Read more
The ShopArm is a project that was started several months ago and is now being crowdfunded on Kickstarter. The design and code is entirely open-source. Every plastic … Read more
It is a clock that tells the time
So, I am doing woodwork in my school. One of the projects was an acrylic clock, which I have almost finished. I used a laser cutter to cut it out and am using a … Read more


Our Droids

Our Droids are made as companions for people with disabilities. This post is the first Build Log in the series of building Sp~S6, our prototype Companion Droid (CDP).

This my vibro bug robot, now I design top part for bot, in oder to it look pretty :) File for printing http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1890264 Read more
Hello! :) I made a simple robot-moving due to vibration, and yet it looks like a snail, cool? The files for printing http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1890264 Video … Read more
Autocad file for laser cutting: goo.gl/uXnScY Read more
Arduio robot, have IR remote control and autonop algorithm. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mat_M2X19TY Read more
Hello LMR! This is my current robot project. It's a continuation of my build style, which boils down to this: put more on the next robot, but make it all smaller! … Read more
Hi everybody. I want to introduce you to my new project, it is a dev board based on the parallax propeller microcontroller. It is a wonderfull dev board for … Read more
Hi! After accomplishing the obstacle challenge I though the next level is to do it automatically.  It's quite a new challenge as it is composed by (at least) the … Read more

Unique found object sculptures

Hi there. I'm a uk based artist making found object robot sculptures. www.gizmobots.co.uk is my website. Thanks for looking! Mark
This is my writeup following my selection to review the Lynxmotion SSC-32U USB Servo controller.  Let me first apologise for the length of time it has taken me to … Read more
Final edit 9th November 2016: I think that I with the current code have achieved the goals of this robot. It moves fairly stable and predictable, see the second … Read more
Made to experiment with visual navigation and object manipulation
Using a
  MILO is the successor build to ScoutBot 1402, and re-uses many of the components from that robot.  Since he is the second attempt at a large robot, there is a … Read more
Hey to everyone. I am new to this and I love this site. I have always love robots for over30 years. You could say I am old school.well, here is one of my old … Read more
Follows Line (Black & Withe) and avoids obstacle
This is a competition bound Line Follwing Robot under development. The competiton is line following and obstacle avoiding, the fastest one wins. Its has 4 geared … Read more

Why I want to build Companion Droids

How the CD came to be

By Liam Arbuckle, Alliance of Droids Co-Leader

My Dream is becoming true?

I think it is finally time to reveal information about my build. 

I am autistic and have a mentor that my parents have organised. He and I are planning to meet some members of the R2-D2 Builders Club to maybe organize something that could evolve into a building relationship.

Also, I have been busy creating some parts at school with the 3-D Printer. 

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but I will keep you posted!

The Ultimate Guide To Guides On Making Star Wars Robots

Long time lurker, first time poster, so let’s kick this off as most do with a quick bit About Me (They still call it that, right?!):

I’m a long time hobbyist. Started out on some smaller projects when I was younger and, as they say, the rest was history. I mostly have films to blame for this: watching stuff like The Terminator (hence the name) and Star Wars when I was (probably far too) young fascinated me and I’ve kinda been hooked ever since. 

So! Onto my first post: