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How to (Get a Robot to) Boil an Egg

Here's an idea for a breakfast making robot I've been kicking around lately.

First, keep 2 eggs in a small metal basket in the refrigerator.

The robot fetches the eggs - (either keep the basket in the same spot or use a vision system (like pixy) to find the basket).  Opening and closing the frig is a pain.  Unless the frig opens itself up by remote?

The robot places the basket of eggs inside a pot that's already on the stove.

It adds water to the pot with an on board pump and reservoir

It turns the propane stove on with an arm/hand- use flame detector to make sure it's alight.  Propane sensor to make sure there's no leaks.  Probably be easier to have a dedicated electric hotplate that the robot could also control by remote.

Robot points it's non-contact IR thermometer at the water until it reaches 212 F (or 100 C)

Start timer

Shut off stove/hotplate

Lift basket out of the pot and let drain for 5 seconds

Carry to kitchen table

Breakfast is mostly served.  Personally, I like buttered toast, OJ and some bacon with my eggs.  But, that's a little more complicated.

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Hmm... probably need sonar to make sure the pot is on the stove before adding water.