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LMR Live Show

When a show is live you can see it below (Click "Read More" if collapsed), and when the show is not live, you can see a recorded version of the latest.

The show is often just fun, jokes on the shout box, and talking to guests, but the point is actually to answer questions or debate a certain subject, problem, project etc. If you have something that you'd like to be seen by / answered by / covered by the show, then simply post as you'd normally do on LMR (and make sure the post also makes sense to those not following the show), and then tag your post with "liveshow" (you add tags when you enter or edit any post).

It will then show up on this list: liveshow, that will be seen and gone through by the hosts, and is also shown from the top menu.

Live Show:

If your screen is black or the picture is frozen, just give it a little time :)

Usually the LMR Live Show is live 1-2 times a week.

Tip: When the guys are showing a number on the screen or talk about a "node number", it is referring to the URL's of this site.

Example: Number XXX, go to letsmakerobots.com/node/XXX to follow what they are on about. If you can ;)

Any comments below here, are only general "hello's" and comments to the show itself.

If you want to ask questions, or for some other reason want to connect a post to the show, just post it as normal, and tag it liveshow

Click here or in the top menu to see all posts tagged liveshow

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Fantastic show guys! Thanks :D

Due to technical difficulties, Chris' Ustream uplink got disconnected about an hour into the show. So the whole recorded episode is split up into two parts. You may very well be watching the second part. Chris announces the "part 2" at the start of it (holding up a piece of paper).

Nice! +1 for Macbook Pro 

Make sure to catch all parts of the latest episode over at ustream!

Great show guys and thanks for the review!

nice show........ greetings from veenzuela

That was awesome! Is there a list of show schedules so I can tune into the next one? Thanks!

The schedule has pretty much stabilized now: Fridays 21:00 GMT. Until further notice. Check the bottom of the frontpage for a count down timer.