Let's Make Robots!

Blogging about your robot project

Robot projects and blog posts are married! Here is one example. This robot by our CMS-hero Rudolph is called "Lieutenant Dan" (no reference to TheCowGod). And Rudolph wrote a blog post about its creepiness (again: the bot, not our friend).

That link to the "Related blog post" is visible in a sidebar block above the Robot Shout Box.


This is a fragment of said blog post. It shows a link back to the relevant robot page,


And this is how you can create such links in your blog posts:


When posting (or editing) your blog, you will be presented with a selection list of all your robot projects. Only three in my case 8-(

When your blog is not related, just leave it at <none>. When it is related, select the correct robot.

We feel that "Related blog posts" is so important, that we gave it top position in the sidebar. Above the shoutbox even.

Because this nice feature will help us all to keep the Robots section clean and up-to-date. A robot page is meant to present the status quo of your project. It is not the place to keep your "Dear Robot Diary". That is what a blog is all about.

It is not possible to use this feature to link to someone else's robot. Use an ordinary hyperlink to do that.