Let's Make Robots!

Collect pages that are cool

Did you notice "My Collection" under "My pages"? Well, trust me, once you use it, you're gonna love it!

It's like your personal bookmarks folder for all things LMR. Each time you discover something cool on LMR, you can click "Collect This".


And an itty bitty teeny weeny logobot flag bookmarks on will appear next to it in full colours. After that, you will find that cool page in your collection.

You can drop a page from your collection any time. Just click the logobot or the link "(drop this)".

Along with your Collection, you will also find your Drafts, your Friends and your own Pages. Each section is organised by different types of content. Each type (blog, challenge, component, forum, web-link, robot, tip) has its own "tab" on that page.


The link "Collected by X members" will take you to a list of all members who thought the page was cool enough to put it in their collections.

In the right hand side bar you will find this new menu: "Most Collected".

most collected

It will take you to a list of items that are most popular on the site. It can also take you to a list of most recently collected items and to your own collection again.

Curious about other people's preferences? Hit their profile pages and visit their collections.