Let's Make Robots!

Drafting a post

Say you are writing a post about your robot, but you have not quite finished writing yet. You want to save it but you do not want to publish it to the front page just yet.

Draft it!

Maybe your robot is not finished yet. Maybe you are still taking pictures and video to add to the page. Maybe it is just a draft or an idea for a robot. Almost any type of page can be drafted like this.

draft it

"Check this box to save this post as a draft. This will prevent it from appearing on the frontpage and in the trackers until you edit this page and uncheck this box."

That means it will not be visible on the list of all robots (or even in the all robots RSS feed). It will be visible in your list of "My pages" however.

There is no way for others to find your draft of a page. You would have to personally tell them about the exact URL (node number). The check box "Is Draft" can be unchecked by you at any time. Just return to the page and hit the tab called "Edit".