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How to be a happy LMR-member:

  • Do not post as a robot if you have not built anything. An idea alone is not enough to start a project page. Make sure you have at least a picture of your work in progress. If you do not have anything but an idea, please post a blog entry about it for a start.
  • Do not ask for help in the shoutbox. The box is just for fun. And if you do ask for help in the shoutbox, it will not be indexed for others to find, so don't. Do ask in the forum instead, or anywhere relevant.
  • Write the best English you can. Avoid "txt spk" or "1ee7 5p3ak". This site is a knowledge-base for everyone. Stuff written in h4ck3r will not be found by others, so it is just waste of space.
  • Take good pictures. Make sure there is plenty of light (sunlight is best) on your robot when taking photos or video. And try to take pictures from a frog's perspective when possible. If your robot is the size of a frog. in other wordfs: Not top down and poorly lit.
  • Put the logobot in all your videos. Or just a title that reads "letsmakerobots.com". Or put the url to your profile in an annotation.
    Stuff posted on LMR is distributed all over the net, in all sorts of languages. Make sure people know where it came from, so they can comment and we all can learn.
  • Do not SHOUT IN YOUR POSTS, please write in normal capitalization.
  • Never write subject lines that starts with the word "Help".

You are a very talented person!

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Ok, then I am going to open that one up for 2015. Just pointed somebody to the rules and read them again by myself :-) 

Hi Oddbot, I have a customer who is interested in purchasing the Dagu 75:1 Wild Thumper motor +encoder to drive his fishing reel. Only problem is that he needs to control the speed. I know that controlling speed on these motors with fitted encoders is a little complex. Can you please advise? SHABS001

Hey LMR'ians,


I'm building a quadcopter VTOL plane, it's done just yet, but the wings are on and the tilt system is 80% done. It's just that I can find it in the rules, I've seen some quads here before, but do you guys actually want flying stuff?



Hi welcome to LMR and Hell Yea! we love flying stuff, not a ton of it here but I'm hopeful.

The shoutbox is a good place for asking help, it's fast! But I guess that it might become overloaded? i dunno, well its part of THE RULES!

oh yea, other people cant benefit from it because it cant to searched up. -.-' but i guess simple things would work?

wrong thread to post..


i did mistake by asking help in shout box..sorry for that,...


Yep...Was on the shout box and asked for 'help'....didn't realize it's a no no....wont happen again ;))


Just like the manual the last thing I read here is the rules. And yes I broke a few already, Sorry, I'll make up for it by offering something productive. :-)