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How to be a happy LMR-member:

  • Do not post as a robot if you have not built anything. An idea alone is not enough to start a project page. Make sure you have at least a picture of your work in progress. If you do not have anything but an idea, please post a blog entry about it for a start.
  • Do not ask for help in the shoutbox. The box is just for fun. And if you do ask for help in the shoutbox, it will not be indexed for others to find, so don't. Do ask in the forum instead, or anywhere relevant.
  • Write the best English you can. Avoid "txt spk" or "1ee7 5p3ak". This site is a knowledge-base for everyone. Stuff written in h4ck3r will not be found by others, so it is just waste of space.
  • Take good pictures. Make sure there is plenty of light (sunlight is best) on your robot when taking photos or video. And try to take pictures from a frog's perspective when possible. If your robot is the size of a frog. in other wordfs: Not top down and poorly lit.
  • Put the logobot in all your videos. Or just a title that reads "letsmakerobots.com". Or put the url to your profile in an annotation.
    Stuff posted on LMR is distributed all over the net, in all sorts of languages. Make sure people know where it came from, so they can comment and we all can learn.
  • Do not SHOUT IN YOUR POSTS, please write in normal capitalization.
  • Never write subject lines that starts with the word "Help".

You are a very talented person!

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Ohk, I've broken 2 rules just with the first project that I started. Sorry. I'm gonna change it.

Hi.. actually iam doing a project named "Robot navigation (obstacle avoidence) in a dynamic environment".ie,obstacles are not static. and the robot will be controlled from a system(computer) where the code(C-language) is implemented.Now coding is under progress.i dont know how to write the code for reading the signal send from robot.can any one help me..

I built the "start here" robot and installed the software and driver. I can't seem to get the robot to communicate with the software and I have no idea why. I'm a novice and have no clue as to why it's not working. When I click the "check firmware version" button on the options tab I get "serial port error- port not present or already in use." I have a windows os, I don't know if that helps. 


Hey Preston. Welcome to LMR.

Could you please post your question in a new forum post under "Picaxe"? This page just explains how the website works. Also please read this page.

Even better than reposting: start reading. Your problem is a very generic one and people were helped with it on this site many times before. I bet you the answer to your question hides in the search page somehwere.

sorry for breaking the rules i have to admit i didn't fully read them before posting : x

Should be added on top of the shoutbox, lol

Also can you make your own logo thing with like gimp or photoshop
I hope to mever brake a rule again

you just did


i broke the rule so bad he commented on mine to tell me to change :) dont worry Frits! I followed your instruction