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In the shoutbox we just hang out. We shoot the breeze. We exchange clever banter. And stupid remarks. Don't ever believe anything to be serious in the shoutbox.

In the box no-one will hear you scream for help

So don't try to ask for support in the shoutbox. A few shouts later and your question will flush out into oblivion. Hardly anyone reads the archives. Always post your question in the forum. That way we can learn from the answers again and again. Also, the search box will be able to find it back later.



In your profile you can select which blocks you want to show up in your side panel. Shoutbox is one of them. If you don't want to look at the nonsens there, just disable the shoutbox-block.


That's right, there used to be an active forum for Danish robot makers once....

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Is there still a way to disable the shoutbox?

I find "Block configturation" in my profile but there's not an option to turn off the Shoutbox.

I guess that check box was removed since I wrote this. I am not sure how and when.