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[This page is being updated soon, as everything is changing very rapidly these days :) ]


Hi :)

This website is a free and volunteer based initiative, originally started by Fritsl in 2008, now 100% produced and maintained by members of the community. Thanks to everyone.

Who is in charge?

There is an inner core that tries to run the hard core issues of the show. There are hangarounds as well, but the most vital posts are currently held by Hugo_nl (CMS development), ignoblegnome (PR/other communities), Fritsl (all over).


Who pays for this / What do you do with the money?

You contribute and help us run the site, if you buy the Start Here bundle, or support us in other ways.

The money that we make are covering the most basic needs, and nice people pay for the rest - in time, talent, and sometimes cash. Some of us have paid quite a lot of cash.

Mostly the site is alive because anonymous and cool people like yourself support when ever there is something to be done or paid for. We may make profit one day, and if so, we will open the talk with the backstage mailing list on what to do with this money. There are really no rules here, because we never met, never signed anything, we just do this, like you do. If something is missing or wrong, then someone says it, and then someone fixes it. Or we die. But we are strong, and will live :) Male bonding, yer!


Here are some guides on how to enjoy and use LMR to the fullest. Because this system has more knobs, buttons and gauges than a Mars Rover's RC!


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Gareth's picture

I agree on all accounts david...... this site will burst it sides soon.......

If you had not mentioned the spell checking thing then i would not have found out that indeed right clicking my mouse (thanks rik)  brings in the spell check........that is so neat (been staring me in the eyes lurking waiting to be found).... thanks david - you see even "simple things please simple minds"

fritsl's picture

Hey, thanks! I love the fact that you joined in!


And as rik says; Spell check is in your browser, try right clicking in the editor when writing.

We would do a lot more to the site if we had the means. We are slowly developing all the time (this is version III), but it is hard to get it all done, when everyone are working in their spare time, and honestly would rather be building robots :)

rik's picture

First of all, we don't pick nits (well, spelling nits anyway). Second, try your browser. Right click in the edit area. You may have a spelling checker already right there.
I do (in Firefox).

[This reply checked by Firefox spell checker. Only one word unknown. "Firefox"]

Gareth's picture

Firefox spellchecker "in the text box" - why did i struggle so long without seeing it. Thanks rik

(ps "rik" flagges as a spelling typo)

fritsl's picture

Join in on the decisions behind the scenes: We are now making a little money on the sales of the LMR-start-here-bundle, and are planning to do more like this. We are hereby inviting all members with interest in the future development, what to do with the money, ideas and business of the LMR project to sign up on a new mailinglist. To subscribe to the list, send a message to backstage-subscribe@letsmakerobots.com , and you will get a mail now and then, that you can answer / participate in if you'd like from time to time.

TheGrue's picture
I am trying to edit my TOBI page "node/7025" using FireFox and the "Text" box is just pure html code with no options like the BOLD etc.. So I tried in IE8 and got the rich text option but it only loaded my page up to an entry of "UPDATE 2009.10.01" and it was missing the last line of that entry. My FireFox is 3.6.3 and only gives pure text or html. Not the rich text options like IE More strangeness: If I turn off the rich text in IE, I see all of my entries to the last but not when it is on. Also the option to turn on or off the rich text feature is missing in FireFox. Oh and FYI I am making this comment in FireFox and no rich text features are available. The only thing is below this box an "Input format" option that lists 2 options: Filtered HTML or Purified HTML Any Ideas?
rik's picture

These troubles sometimes present when we updated the site with new features. Standard advice in that case would be to (thoroughly) refresh the pages (shift-F5 or CTRL-F5). But I am not aware of any updates lately and I assume you are using the same two browsers as always.

Am I correct in thinking you have these troubles in all nodes? Not just the Tobi page (and this one)?

TheGrue's picture

I killed all plugins but that did not do it. I killed all tabs and I cleared all cookies, history and cache. Then I restarted FireFox and it all works now!

rik's picture

Thanks for reporting back. This might help others with similar issues in the future.

TheGrue's picture
Yes. It appears that it is the same for any of my pages except for the last part about IE not showing all of the page.Of course TOBI is the largest page. I had used both before to edit the page on 5/9/10. It works in Chrome [at least now] so I will use that.