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Interface Arduino w/ Sharp IR sensor

I have a Sharp GP2Y0A700K0F IR sensor that I want to connect to an Arduino decimilia. The data sheet says to use (3) wires for connection (pin 1 to ground, pin 2 to voltage, and pin 4 to analog pin) but the sensor has a 5-pin housing. Should I find a 5-pin female to connect with? or is there a better way to make the connection. Please help! I have been searching for how do this interface for a while with no success....my first robot. Thank you.

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It would help a lot with a picture :)
Hello and thank you for responding. I have only the sensor and the Arduino Decimilia. I purchased a 3-wire connector set but the connector does not fit the 5pin housing on the sensor. Can you suggest a place to purchase the correct wiring? Thanks again.
will post picture later today. Thanks.


 Ive got the Sharp IR sensor connected to my Arduino board but the sensor's spec sheet says only 3 pins are needed - is this correct? Also, I have downloaded the Arduino programming environment but I have no idea how to write the code. Where can I find the code that will enable me to view the measured distance on my computer?


 Thanks very much - I appreciate it.


Acroname has a link to the GP2Y0A700K0F datasheet which would help in your questions.

Page 5 of the datsheet shows that pins 1 and 5 are ground, pins 2 and 3 are Vcc, and pin 4 is your Vo analog output.

One thing of note is on page 4 where it states a needed supply of 350 mA (!!!) for this sensor. That is why they doubled up on the voltage supply and ground wires feeding this sensor.

 Connecting this just to the Decimilia is pushing the 500 mA spec that is for maximun USB current. You might consider a seperate supply for this sensor, while connect the ground between it and the Arduino.

The best place to learn about how to use your arduino......


i found this way for connecting and SRF505 wich has 5 pins, and i only need to connect 3 on the arduino.
1 for Vcc, 2 for GND, 3 AnalogPin.

I used a 5 female header and 3 male headers, soldered them all and fit them with termal strip, and works really good :)

Hope this helps