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Affordable Robtics Platform ( ARP ) USB v1 introduction

ARP is aimed at introducing affordable robotics in India / Third World countries. Our aim is to introduce a robotics platform with is around USD 20 and is capable of basic feats like line following line following, Object avoidance , photovhore , remote control while being scalable/reprogrammable. We are inspired from Asuro , but find it too restricting. So we plan to develop our own. We have tried to cut costs where possible without loosing functionality. Given below is Arduino/Freeduino based ARP USB main board,which will be on sale for about 9.95 USD or Rs 450.


Board Specs - 

Atmega8 main uController
Full arduino compatability with Software and Shields
USB using Custom CDC driver
USB / DC 5v option
Autoreset when programming.

Still a lot has to be done. All Ideas on cutting costs are welcome ...

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does it have servo control?

There will be another motor shield which will go in the final kit , It will give 3 pin connectors for all the I/O ports fot easily connecting servos and other sensors.

 And it will also have a L293 for basic motor control.

very good for a guy with a 6 buck allowance...

you mentioned shields? it supports any shield, right?

@Rudolph, thanks. i didnt wanna be grilled for being a spammer.

Yes it supports all shield which arduino and the likes support.

 Yep the whole idea is to make it affordable , A decent Robot kits costs USD 100 + we are trying to make is under USD 20 so that in bulk when bought for say a classroom it can be even cheaper .... :) . 


This is not realy a money minting plan , I just want to make things affordable for student community in India . Also as it would be DIY you can always make it yourself with a soldering iron and some FeCl3 ;) .