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PICAXE cat feeder


 i'm planning to built a automatic cat feeder using PICAXE microcontroller.Firstly i would like to note that i'm still beginner in micocontroller .this is my first projekt using PICAXE(normally arduino,,)...my question is how set the timer so that the servo is activated 3-4 times per day..(normally i found that the timer is only in miliseconds.)

 any help and suggestion is truly appreciated by me and my cats.thanks



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WOW..a LCD would look sooo cool.as suggested i think i have found the module

thanks again

Another approach would be to try to sense when the cat dish was empty in order to re-fill it.  Or you could try a combo, so they get fed if the dish is empty, but if a set amount of time passes, the old food is dumped and replaced with new.

My cat, at least, will just leave food in his dish if it dries out too much.

You can probably use the contast in between a light colored food dish and the darker color of the food to trigger a detector in the same way a line follower detects a dark line on a lighter surface.

Picaxe has a clock chip for just what you need here. It can be added to a LCD display or to thier data-logger and I think, can stand alone. Check out the picaxe website, you should have no problem finding it.