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Mini Monster Boe Bot

Roam with Radio Control overide and audio feedback with TV cam
Mini_Monster_Boe_Bot_top_view.jpg1.33 MB
Mini_Bo_Bot_left_side.jpg1.2 MB
Mini_Monster_Boe_Bot_back_view.jpg1.14 MB
Mini_Monster__Boe_Bot_right_side.jpg1.27 MB

This is my first robot and first time using a microcontroller. Electronics is easy for me but programming is another can of worms. I would like to thank all the guys in the Parallax forum for answering my dumb software questions. They have excellent support. Rather then re type everything I am including 2 links to the Parallax forum finished projects section. Everything is pretty well documentted if interestted. Also a short movie clip. I am new here and like the international ideas here.  Many of the parts were used or laying around my electronics workshop. Alot of the wiring was fabracatted from old computer frames. Amazing what you can do with an old erector set and alot of basement engineering.


The more you learn, the more you find you don't know. It is neverending.  Confucous 550 BC







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Cool that it has a laser.  I to started with the Boe Bot and moved on to the Propeller in my latest bot.

Where You found those tracks?

What kind of tracks are those? The look cool and haevy duty. I want to buy something like that,Where did you get'em?
think they are Mattracks toy tracks that went with an RC Ford or Hummer sold at Radio Shack a few years back. Think there might have been something where you could order replacement tracks from Radio Shack long ago, but don't know if that is still valid.

"Rather then re type everything"

You don't know about copy and paste?  ;) And i think embed video works with metacafe, so it'd take 5 minutes to make a nice thread with infos, pictures and video and not just few links...

 Anyway, impressive bot indeed! "Monster"...yep, that's a good name for him...

  I have many irons in the fire now and rather concentrate on learning programming at the moment. I am slowly switching from my primitive BS2 programming skills to the Parallax Propeller. They seem to say that has so much power for a less expensive chip and parallax has excellent personal back up for their products. Well worth the little extra money. I guess I could learn mini cad for the drawing , but can only do things a little at a time. This is my first posting finished here and working on my second robot now. I guess people will have to strain their fingers and click on links for a while. The Monster Boe is pretty much functional now.
That is sick! Love it!
Whoa, he is a monster! Those heavy-duty tracks are sweet.
Is that an IR LED array around the camera, or another colour/white?

Those are 26 ultra bright white LEDs for night time. The camera is color and not night vision. The purple laser really came in more usefull then I thought. The TV camera picks it up  great even far away. Details on the links in the Parallax forum.

The 9.6 Volt battery pack hidden below the breadboard is for the TV camera, laser and headlights. Thanks for your reply.