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Peter Rush - Walking Biped Robot

I started working on Peter a few weeks ago. And although he is yet to take his first full steps, progress is moving along nicely.

I will try and post updates as things change.


// Update August 14, 2009

Added new video: Peter Rush Biped Robot H-Bridge Test


//Update August 19, 2009

Added new video: Biped Robot C# Control Center - Peter Rush


//Updated August 30, 2009

Added new video: Biped Robot Doing Squats


//Updated September 23, 2009

Added new video: Robot Leg / Ankle with Multiple Degrees of Freedom

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well i have it up on ebay for $68 flat, interested?  i only put up one for sale but i have two of them, i could list the other if you want.


Nice, and nice actuators!!

I continue to follow your project with great interest.

Do you have any plans to change the mount for the "table" top so that is stays level? Like a mechanical linkage that keeps the platform level with the floor?

Yeah of course. When I install the third pair of actuators, they will act in unison with the other 2 pair, keeping things level.

Hi there, very nice looking thing you got there!

Where did you get those actuators and what's the cost approx?

I nabbed a few actuators from eBay a few months back ~$70 each. But lately I have been sawpping them out for new ones from Creative Werks Inc. They run about $90 each. I currently have two 19" actuators for sale on eBay if you are interested.
No updates for awhile. Have you made any more progress? I've realy enjoyed watching Peter Rush develop.
I have been so busy with work and school, I figured I would take a little break. Besides, I have gotten sidetracked with another bot.

Can you place here a video with your biped walking?

im very curious to see what will happen.

very cool man! don't stop to  work in on it