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Peter Rush - Walking Biped Robot

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fritsl's picture
Nice, and nice actuators!!
echorobotics's picture

bipeds= my kind of robotics 


this is awesome, i cant wait to see more.  oh, btw, i have those same actuators.  :D

kankatee's picture

Which ones? I am using two different types, the good Creative Werks ones and the cheap ones off eBay. Both are decent for this application.

I actually need 2 more 4", got any spares?


echorobotics's picture

eh...i have two that i dont need... i dont know the name but they look just like the ones in your picture. but... one might not have a working potentiometer and both are 10" :\

and 250 lbs force

kankatee's picture
Interested in making a deal?
echorobotics's picture

well i have it up on ebay for $68 flat, interested?  i only put up one for sale but i have two of them, i could list the other if you want.


kankatee's picture
Yeah, it has a real robotic / industrial feel. Sometimes it scares me when I walk in the door after a long night.
Thomas Countz's picture
Very cool. Looks very robotic and mechanical sculpture-y. I'm dying to see this thing walk!
dent's picture
Man, that is wayyy cool. And it's like huge! I don't think it could support a human like The Walking Chair, but maybe some equipment like a camera maybe. Heck, you could put a camera on his head when he's finished and make a video so we can see what it's like being a two limbed bot.
kankatee's picture
It is massive. When he is fully extended, his hip line come close to my shoulder line. In terms of load capacity, it can hold me while it's standing still. The actuators have a 500lb static load rating and a ~110lb dynamic load capacity.